We present the entire product line for the whole-body and local air cryotherapy devices:

- wellknown CryoSpace Cabin (-110°C), 2- or 3-chamber cryosauna. Its main advantage is the air cooling system (cryosauna works without liquid nitrogen as the coolant). Equipment is made in Germany and widely used in medical and rehabilitation centers and sanatoriums, and also in training and rehabilitation centers for high competitive athletes;

- unique 1-chamber air cryosauna Criohome (-85°С) for SPA, Wellness and Fitness centers, private residences and yachts.

We guarantee to our customers long, trouble-free and comfortable operation of the luxury equipment due to significantly improved technical characteristics of the cascade refrigerating unit, control and monitoring system and highly professional services.

CryoJet Air unit for the local air cryotherapy with the air jet cooled to the temperature of -32°C, -40°C became the standard equipment for physiotherapeutic rooms and offices. Device has original design and excellent performance reliability. Local air cryotherapy units CrioJet Air using cold air jet at a temperature of -32°C, -40°C became standard equipment for the physiotherapeutic rooms and offices, they have original design and excellent reliability during work.

Here we offer unrivalled hermetic robotized cryostorages HS-200 from ASKION (Germany) in three form-factors S (Small), M (Middle) and L (Large), that can be combined into one system for loading/

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  • Год создания 1996
  • Тип предприятия Тип предприятия Юридический адрес, Головная компания
  • Основной бизнес Основной бизнес Multi-Category

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  • Хирургические приборы и оборудование
  • криогенная техника
  • криотерапия (лечение холодом)
  • криокамера для криотерапии
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