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CAP Solutions Culinaires specialises in the manufacture of sauces, marinades, gravies, flavoured butters and bards for agri-food businesses and catering professionals in France and internationally. Experts in culinary solutions and coating and decorative products, we create mouthwatering made-to-order recipes to meet the needs of our customers. A team of three chefs focused on applied research, an R&D laboratory dedicated to product development and a customer reception room. A semi-industrial pilot workshop. A trained in-house tasting team. Two dedicated, certified industrial production sites covering more than 12, 000 m2, high-tech and scalable. Flexible tools offering excellent responsiveness and tailored production. Numerous manufacturing and packaging processes for each of our specialisms. Products: Sauce, Marinades, Gravies, flavoured butters in liquid -(Pods, Pouches, Container), IQF frozen portion, IQF frozen dice, IQF frozen pellet, Sliceable roll. Traditional & Retextured Products : Lardecor® (retextured pork fat), Volailledecor® (retextured poultry fat) GELEE : Geleedecor®, Duodecor®, Moussedecor®. Retexturel vegetables and fruits : Vegedecor®, Primdecor®, Pulpedecor®.

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