The wall ties are designed to provide connection of inner, thermal insulating and facing in masonry. They can be used for attaching a facing layer of fragmented material and insulation to the base of large-size ceramic blocks. The wall ties is a basalt rods with one or two sand anchors, or a continuous sand cover. Depending on the form of a wall ties, the design includes an anchor element and the plastic restrainer. Advantages: Strength of the composite materials ensures increased reliability of an entire structure; Low thermal conductivity of the composite material prevents “thermal bridging” between buildings wall and environment, increase resistance of exterior walls to heat transfer by 14 %, retains moisture conditions a structure; Corrosion and chemical resistance of the composite materials allow the wall toes to retain their physical and mechanical properties on alkali and heat-moisture conditions; Consistently high pull-out force from a base material.

Химическая продукция - импорт-экспорт
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