Directum combines the advantages of cloud and on-premise document management system.As a cloud — easy and available 24*7 even for distributed companies . Advntages: Documents are stored in a structured way files. It assigns access privileges, maintain the full life cycle and version control of the documents, tracks history of working on them. It performers business process state of the tasks and track progress. It is possible to maintain prescribed routes rules for complex processes of the document flows. Adjust the substitution for absent staff members. Manage office papers with incoming and outgoing correspondence. Send instructions to the responsible and request performance reports. Explore the awesomenessity of collaborating with colleagues working together! 
English version of the Directum system is available.

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  • IT-сервис
  • CRM-софт - приложения для связи с клиентами
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • workflow
  • docflow

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