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FUNCTIONS: cracking logs up to 50 cm long and up to 40 cm in diameter


Belmash factory presents two executions of the log splitters, one of them powered by electric induction motor LSE-500 and the other one equipped with gasoline engine LSG-500. The log splitter is equipped with 2 flywheels, capable of transferring huge energy to the push plate and the splitting force that is generated thereby can be compared to the force of a 20ton hydraulic press. The full cycle from start of the push plate till it’s moving back to starting position takes 1.5 seconds at most which allows to split a decent pile of logs in just a matter of minutes. As a safety measure, this log splitter has been designed to meet the so-called both hands use principal: in order to bring the splitting in action one needs to press the pushbutton and raise the lever simultaneously. To make the transportation of the machine easier, the log splitter is equipped with two pneumatic wheels as well as manual plastic handles.