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ABOUT US The purpose of establishment of AS Elevator we, having been in the industry for many years, personally know the problems experienced by the suppliers and that we believe that we are able to offer solutions to such problems. We’re selling retail and package elevator supplies at home and abroad. As we are selling some of the products as contracted dealer, we share the advantages from this position with our customers. Our aim is to provide the most appropriate and fastest service to the customer. Our aim is to eliminate your loss of business and time in your projects by offering you the broadest range of products by following the innovations in the industry and by adding our experience and knowledge along with project and technical support. We also would like to state that we will be proud of performing the duty falling on us for a cooperation which will be beneficial for both parties. We wish you success in your business.

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    11 – 50

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  • Лифты
  • Лифты, грузовые лифты, эскалаторы
  • запчасти для лифтов
  • панорамные лифты
  • Производство лифтовых кабин
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