We produce solar panel luminodiode paving.
At the moment we produce glass paving with dimensions of 198x98x60mm (standard dimensions of the popular «Brick» paving). Five colors are available. The product's maintenance is very easy. Dust and moisture protection – IP-68. Lifetime of the product is 15-17 years. A block of paving can easily withstand the weight of a car. Power: 0.8W.

The paving can be used in various solutions for landscape decoration both in public and private use: parks, squares, gardens, fountains, alleys, poolside paths, cottage paths, walkways, garage driveways, entrances, etc.
The solar panel luminodiode paving can be installed into a complete pavement or lawn with no damage to decoration. It does not require cabling or electricity connection since it works on sun energy.

The product helps to resolve a set of tasks such as illumination, tracing of landscape and walkways that have no access to power network, saving electricity which is especially important in cases of recreational parks where large areas require illumination.

The product follows the world tendencies of using clean energy and is suitable for everyone who cares about ecology of their own area and planet in general.

Here is some information for your consideration:

1. An example of our paving in use on an actual object:
https: //

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  • LED solar paving

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