1.Peat moss packed in Big Bales (is used as the basis for the production of nutritive substrates or for the improvement of soil structure): Degree of decomposition – up to 15%, ashes — up to 10%, humudity — up to 53%, acidity pH — 2,5-3,5 or 5,5-6,5; radioactivity — within the limits, wood inclusion — up to 1%, organic value – not less than 95%, harmonic code – 2703000000, volume of peat in a Big Bale — 4,5-5 cbm. Package: white plastic bags 100, 250 or 300 liters; Big Bale on a pallet covered with stretch film. 2.Substrats are produced on the basis of peat and Holland fertilizer «PGmix» used for growing seedlings of vegetables, flowers, trees and bushes, loans and also for soil structure improvement. Composition: peat moss with 5,5-6,5 pH acidity, mineral fertilizers mg/100g of dry substance: Nitrogen (N) 170-270, Potassium (К20) 200-340; Phosphorus (Р2О5) 110-190 and complex of microelements (MN, MO, CU, FE, B, ZN). Package: plastic bags 5l, 10l, 20l, 55l, 100l, 250l, Big Bale.

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