Dear Sirs! 
The company is engaged quite long time in the export of wood , raw materials and other goods . We offer a full range of services in the sphere of delivery to any country in the world. 
Our staff will perform all work on the field of the transport , trade and supporting documentation in full compliance with the new requirements , a-rrange transportation and insurance .All work related to customs clearance of export timber from Russia carried out by qualified personnel .
Our company has extensive experience in organization of export . 
For transportation of used -established logistics solutions that reduce customer costs for export from Russia and arrange delivery from the warehouse of the consignor to the consignee's warehouse . 
Our staff will provide full control of all the export steps , including loading and unloading , as well as temporary and secure storage in the warehouses of our partners in Russia and abroad .
The company ensures compliance with all requirements for transport ( packing , fixing , processing special composition , the packaging) of goods of this type , including fine wood.
We organize the export of forest products in the shortest possible time and deliver the goods in a single container containers without having to overload . If necessary, the service is provided cargo tracking .

We ready to reply at any Your questions and inquires 24 hours per day.
Don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • Деловая древесина обработанная - тёс
  • Импорт-экспорт энергии и сырья
  • экспорт древесины
  • экспорт зерна
  • услуги логистики

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  • FOB Франко борт
  • CIF Стоимость, страхование и фрахт
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  • Sber Bank
  • VTB Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
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